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If you are named an executor of an estate, a trustee or a beneficiary at some point during your life, you may be involved in the probate or trust administration of a loved one’s estate. At the same time, you will want to be prepared for your own future by giving these designations to those close to you. This can ensure your estate does not fall into a lengthy state probate process.

At the Roswell firm of Scroggin & Burns, LLC, we are extensively experienced in probate and trust administration legal matters with deep knowledge of state regulations. From the appointment of an administrator to the final distribution of assets, we can offer professional and personal advice on each step, including preparing estate tax returns and doing post-mortem tax planning.

The Steps Of A Probate Process

Being prepared with a plan is one of the best gifts a person can give surviving loved ones. It ensures that an estate will not go through a long probate process and that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes and not according to probate regulations.

Learn the top eight things we can do to assist in probate and trust administration:

  1. File a petition in probate court
  2. Appoint an executor/administrator
  3. Communicate to all beneficiaries, heirs and creditors of the estate
  4. Check inventory and have assets appraised by executor
  5. Review and pay creditors
  6. Liquify assets
  7. Assess and pay estate taxes
  8. Distribute assets to heirs and beneficiaries

Our years of experience administrating probate and our knowledge of the law can help make the legal process go smoother. Let us help you identify assets and complete the asset transfer to those named as beneficiaries or heirs of the estate.

We Can Assist With Administering A Trust

A trust holds legal title to property that one of more beneficiaries may receive upon a decedent’s death. Through trust administration, assets can be managed in a way that protects their value and debts can be paid off. If a beneficiary is poor at money management, trust administration is a way to ensure that person gets a set amount of money, in a set time frame.

Have A Question About Probate And Trust Administration?

Sometimes it just helps to talk to a knowledgeable lawyer who knows what needs to happen. We have helped administer hundreds of estates and can assist you in completing the steps to finalize your loved one’s assets. Call our probate attorney in Georgia today at 770-884-7197 or send in this quick email form for a free consultation. We respond to every communication.