Personal Property Disposition Checklist

Personal Property Disposition Checklist

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Commentary : Personal property dispositions tend to be the greatest source of conflict when family members pass away. This checklist is intended to minimize those conflicts and other problems .

_____ Prepare a detailed document that confirms which assets are yours and which are your spouse's assets

_____ Prepare a detailed form that specifically disposes of your personal property

· If the designated recipient predeceases you, have you designated an alternative recipient?

· If you are passing assets to your spouse, have you considered the ultimate passage of those assets if the spouse dies proximate to your passing or remarries after your passing?

_____ Have you made special designations of any of the following unique assets?

· Firearms to persons legally entitled to possess them

· Digital Assets to appropriate family members (e.g., your Facebook account)

· Reproductive assets that are held in storage

· "Publicity Rights" (e.g., the right to use your image, persona, likeness, etc.)

· Frequent Flyer and other Travel Perks

· Wine or liquor collections

· Pets

_____ Have you made appropriate provisions on how any of your collections should be disposed of:

· Proper directions for storage and maintenance?

· Insurance information?

· Notes relevant to sale (i.e. other top collector if limited market)?

_____ Have you provided information to your proposed Personal Representative:

· To change the locks on your house as soon as possible after you pass away?

· On the insurance coverage of your valuable personal property?

· Copies of any agreement on loans to or from you of personal property (e.g., to museums or family members)?

· How you want your personal property that is not specifically passed to heirs to be disposed of?

· Whether there is a potential for conflict (e.g., sibling rivalry or in law issues)and how to minimize it?

_____ Have you directed in your Dispositive Documents:

· How any state and/or federal death taxes attributable to your personal property are to be paid?

· Who covers the costs of shipment, insurance, taxes, etc. on personal property you bequeath?

· That valuable personal property is appraised (at the cost of the estate) to establish its new tax basis?

· How the personal property disposition affects any formula gift?

· Whether the disposition includes any insurance proceeds from the loss or damage of such property?

_____ If you have a safe deposit box or home safe, have you:

· Designated another person who can open the safe/box when you are deceased? Have you given them all the information they need to open the safe/box (e.g., keys and codes)?

· Provided a statement about whether the assets of the safe/box belong to you or the other person having signature authority over the safe/box?

· Restricted access by unauthorized individuals (e.g., disinherited heir with access to home safe that contains Original Will).

_____ If you have used a Revocable "Living" Trust in your planning, have you created a detailed Bill of Sale that passes your personal property to the trust?

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